Frequently Questions

Below are frequently asked questions, you may find the answer for yourself

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Every product is made to pass through rigorous quality check process to ensure high quality. A pre shipment inspection report will be shared with you for each order.
The time required for products to be delivered will be as per the timelines mentioned on the product page.
Yes, you can order samples before ordering them in bulk. To place a sample order, click on “Request Sample” on the product page. Please note you may order only 1 sample per product.
Yes, you need to pay for the samples as per the charges levied.
The minimum order quantity varies from product to product and is mentioned on the product page.
Yes, you can customise your products as per your brand requirements. The lead time and minimum order quantity may, however, vary in that case. This capability may be available on case to case basis and if vendor agrees to the same.
Yes, you can track your orders with a tracking ID. You will be provided with the ID once the product is picked up by the logistics company from the us.
Yes, the products you source from Redmoon Export can be sold on various marketplace.

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